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If you’re stuck in a tight spot and need help quickly, give us a call as we have the quickest reaction times in London.

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Blocked Drain Specialists London – Speedy Jet Drainage

When it comes to experience, Speedy Jet Drainage has 10 years of it. With no call out charge, we’ll be there within the hour!

CCTV Surveys

As well as being the quickest in London we are also the most thorough as we ensure all our vans are equipped with the latest CCTV Drain Survey equipment for investigating drains.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning

We also provide regular drain maintenance services in a bid to prevent blocked drains and prevent them from causing unexpected problems when you least expect, want or need it.

Hi Pressure Water Jetting

We know that having drainage problems require immediate attention which is why we have our drain unblocking teams ready for action 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are Speedy Jet Drainage as we boast the quickest reaction times!

Emergency Work

Speedy Jet Drainage are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’re in London area we guarantee we’ll be there in an hour. So in the middle of the night or in the peak of rush hour, you can count on us.

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Drainage is the process of removing water from an area or surface either artificially or naturally, and most domestic and commercial areas need it to ensure good hygiene and safety. Most of us have drains where all of our waste water from sinks, baths, showers, and the waste from our toilets goes, as well as rain from our gutters and garden. Most of the time these drains will run efficiently and we don’t even think about them. Sometimes, as with everything, things go wrong and you end up with blocked drains, and that’s where we come in.

Speedy Jet Drainage London provide the most comprehensive services for drainage around the London area. With the most up to date technology, best-trained professionals and years of experience in solving problems with drain unblocking around London and the surrounding areas, we know we can solve whatever problem you are having.

The most common problem is blockages. Blocked drains in London are common due to a build up of garden waste such as leaves, litter and waste. Tree roots are another common issue, with roots working their way into your drainage system through any tiny crack in your pipes, blocking up your drainage system.

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We Provide 24 Hours Emergency Service

Our services are available around the clock so if you have an emergency, we'll be on hand within an hour!

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Luckily for you, Speedy Jet Drainage London have a solution to any problems with blocked drains. All of our vans are equipped with the latest technology that our experienced professionals are trained to use when unblocking drains. We use CCTV equipment to diagnose the cause of the problem time effectively and accurately. We can then use the most appropriate equipment for clearing the problem.

We used high pressure water jets to blast any loose blockages. The water comes out at such a high pressure that it can cut through any items blocking the drain, break them down and push them through, leaving your drain clear and restoring the flow of water. This is a very quick and simple of clearing your blocked drain and you will be surprised at how fast your drain will be cleared and fully functional.

We also use electro-mechanical cleaning equipment for more stubborn blockages. This equipment is made up of steel cable flexible enough to access any area of your drainage system, with cutting equipment attached to it such as blades and cutters. These can effectively deal with tree roots and any other solid blockage.

Our team of drainage specialists will get to you as soon as possible, well aware of the inconvenience a blocked drain or drainage problem can be. They will identify and fix the problem quickly and efficiently, leaving you to get on with your day. We make no fuss, leave no mess, and just get on with the job of making sure that your drains are clean and clear.

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